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Item #Mfg. #DescriptionOEM/OEM Mfg. #
G32-780 800501BallastR2S40-TP
G32-781 800506BallastR140-TP
G80-257 800508BallastLC14-20C
G80-258 800511BallastRC-2S102-TP
G80-259 800524BallastR1P32-TP
G32-782 800540BallastR2P32-TP
G32-783 914241BallastREL-2P32-SC
G32-784 914240BallastREL-1P32-SC
G32-785 801701Power Cord 115 Volt
G32-786 881618Right Hinge Door Power Cord Kit
G32-787 801229Outlet Receptacle for Power Cord
G32-788 831911Defrost TimerDTSX-IM-120
G32-789 831994Defrost TimerDTSX-B-120
B14-682 831908Digital Thermometer20DTUB18NB
B14-683 801805Evaporator Drain Tube Heater5782
B14-684 801814Condensate Drain Pan HeaterLL88025
G32-791 801112Lamp 25W Incandescent25T10
G32-795 801223Lampholder Springloaded13570
G32-796 801224Lampholder Stationary13571
G32-797 801230Lampholder with 53" Leads542
G32-798 801254Lampholder Telescopic542
G32-799 801358Lampholder Stationary541
G32-800 801359Lampholder Springloaded540
G32-801 800509Light StarterFS2NA
B14-698 800180Overload8300MRAG17
B14-699 800192OverloadP83458
B14-700 802117Overload8300MRTA78
B14-701 802210Overload8300MRTJ79
B14-702 802223Overload8300CRTK87
B14-703 800199RelayP82627
B14-704 802113RelayP882498-1
B14-705 802116Relay8200EMBH20
B14-706 802211Relay8200EMBH58
G32-802 801236Start Capacitor85PS110C91
G32-803 802114Start Capacitor85PS125CD59
G32-804 802115Start Capacitor85PS165C96
G32-805 802118Start Capacitor85PS110C90
G32-806 802292Start Capacitor90528-1
B14-712 800316Defrost Thermometer Switch37T23
B14-713 800317Fan Delay Switch37T31
B14-714 8019024-Prong Freezer Rocker Switch90679-1
B14-715 831999Hi-Temp Cut Out Switch37T21 X-2388F
B14-716 800315Hi-Temp Cut Out Switch37T21
B14-718 801912Revolving Shelf Switch
B14-719 801901Toggle Light Switch
B14-720 801924Toggle Power Switch
B14-721 911680Temperature Control Kit (Previously 800320)007B6857
B14-723 800363Temperature Control9530N1574
B14-724 800366Temperature Control077B6806
B14-725 800382Temperature Control077B6856
B14-726 800386Temperature Control077B6871
B14-728 800345Temperature Control — Freezer077B1264
B14-731 800395Temperature Control — High Altitude077B6863
B14-733 800369Temperature Control — T-49F007B1212
B14-735 800385Temperature Control — Wine077B1228
B14-736 831932Temperature Control Retrofit Kit3ART56VAA4
B14-737 831914Thermometer with 2" Dial20UB3-1690