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Replacement Motors for Residential Furnaces and Air Handlers

Catalog Page: 996
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The following selected parts are warranty and replacement parts for Coleman Evcon, Luxaire, Frazier Johnson and Air Pro air conditioning and heating equipment.

Item #Mfg. #DescriptionOEM/OEM Mfg. #For Use With
X89-680 S1-32632067000Vent Motor, 3000 RPM, 115V, Single-Phase, CW, Includes GasketsFasco #7021-8317P3UC (45-122), P4UC (122), P9UC (122)
X89-620 S1-024232110033/4 HP Blower Motor, 1060 RPM, 3-Speed, 115V, Single-Phase, CCW, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48L53A50CG9D08016UPC11
X89-621 S1-024232380011 HP, Blower Motor, 1075/3, 115-1-60, CCW EOS, 48-FrameA.O. Smith #F48P23A50DGD, DGU, GDP & GUD (100, 120)
X89-622 S1-024319690001/3 HP Direct Drive Blower Motor, 1075 RPM, 3-Speed, 115V, Single-Phase, CCW, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48L34A50C, GE #KCP39GGN664BS, Emerson #K55HXKDB-3208DGU, GUD (060)
X89-623 S1-024251127001/3 HP Blower Motor, 1075 RPM, 3-Speed, 115V, Single-Phase, CCW, 48 FrameGE #KCP39KGP940S, Emerson #K55HXPMY-5212P2UD (95)
X89-624 S1-024260030001/2 HP Direct Drive Blower Motor, 1110 RPM, 3-Speed, 115V, Single-Phase, CCW, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48L55A50DGU (100)
X89-627 S1-024344910003/4 HP Blower Motor, 1100 RPM, 4-Speed, 115V, Single-Phase, CW, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48E34A48, GE #5KCP39PGR855ASAGU (100-150), BGD (100-125), BGM (100-125), BGU (100-150), FG8D (100-150), G8C (100-150), GMP (100-125), GUA (100-125), GUB (100-150), L8C (100-125)
X89-625 S1-2702-321PVentor Blower with Motor, 115V, 60 HzFasco #7021-8935FG8 Upflow (All), G8C Upflow (All),
L8C Upflow (All)
X89-628 S1-2940-391PVent Blower MotorFasco29XX, CGU, DGU (All)
S89-214 S1-32425960000Vent Fan w/ Motor & Gasket 3450 RPM, 115V, Single-Phase, 60 Hz, CCWYorkDGU (All), DUC (040-120), DUG (040-120)
S89-477 S1-02427519000Ventor MotorFasco #7021-10300PCDF (08-20), PCUH (08-20)
S89-486 S1-2845-3209Vent Motor, 3200 RPM, 115VWestinghouse #323P8612840, 2844, 2845, 2855, 2860, 2865, 2870, 2875, 2880, 2892, 2895, 8955, 8975, 8995, 9155, 9175, 9195, BGH (105), BGU (055-130)
S89-487 S1-3118C312PMotor PackageFasco #715137693115, 3118
S89-481 S1-1468-23091/3 HP, 1100/3, 115V, CCW, Blower MotorNA7900, AGU (050), BGU (050), GUA (050), GUB (050)
S89-496 S1-024319410281 HP, 120/240 Variable Spd Direct Drive Blower MotorNAG8V10020UHC11, L8V10020UHC12, P1DUC20V08001, P2DUC20V0001L, G8V12020UHC11, L8V12020UHC12, P1DUC20V09601, P2DUC20V09601L
S89-501 S1-024319470253/4 HP, 1PH, Variable Speed Blower MotorNAG8V10016UPB11 (A, C)
S89-502 S1-02427653000Vent Blower with Motor7021-10675G8V Upflow (All), G8D Upflow (All)
S89-504 S1-37320717002Vent Fan Motor, 2-StageNAG9V Upflow (All), G9T Downflow (All)
S89-505 S1-024251100001/2 HP, 115V, 1075/3, Blower Motor5KCP39KGP938SG8T10012UHB11, G8D12016UHB11, G8T10012DNB11
S89-506 S1-02435329000Ventor MotorNAG8T Upflow (All), G8T Downflow (All)
S89-507 S1-37320717001Ventor Motor with GasketNAG9T Upflow (All)
S89-480 S1-02632250000Inducer Blower Ventor MotorExcel Comfort #20054001PIHDD (12-20), PAHDD (12-20), XNH (012-120)
S89-693 S1-024319400251/2 HP, Direct Drive Blower Motor, Variable SpeedNAG9V08012DHB11A
S89-695 S1-024319410261 HP Program Blower MotorNAG9V12020DHD11A
S89-707 S1-1468-235P/A1/2 HP, Blower Motor, 1050/3, 115-1-60, CCW Eos, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48F95A48G8C05012ODS11
S89-676 S1-024259820001/4 HP, Direct Drive Blower Motor, 1075/3, 208/230-1-60, CCW Eos, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48L26A50F2RP018H06B, F2RP018N06B, F2RP024H06B, F2RP024N06B, N1AHB0806A
S89-678 S1-024260440003/4 HP, Direct Drive Blower Motor, 1075/3, 208/230-1-60, CCW Eos, 48 FrameA.O. Smith #F48L17A50F2FP060H06B, F2FP060N06B, F2RP042H06B, F2RP042N06B, N1AHD2006A
S89-689 S1-02427844000Blower MotorOlsen # 27161P3HMX20F12001A
S89-690 S1-024278450001/2 HP, Blower Motor, 4-SpeedOlsen #26088P2DHX16F12001A, P2HMX12F08001A, P2LBX16F14501A, P3DHX12F08001A, P3HMX14F10001A, P3LBX12F08001A, P3LBX14F12001A
S89-691 S1-024278470003/4 HP, Blower Motor, 1-SpeedOlsen #28007P4LBX20F19001A
S59-290 S1-02435355000Motor, Cond, 1/12, 1100/1NA
S81-150 S1-02435733000Blower MotorNA
S81-151 S1-02435734000Blower MotorNA
S81-152 S1-02435735000Blower MotorNA
S81-153 S1-02435736000Blower MotorNA