Your Local Team

Being a cooperative, Johnstone Supply knows first-hand the value of working as a team. We take great pride in selecting only highly experienced, knowledgeable and, most importantly, friendly people to join our Johnstone family. Take the time to meet our staff below and we think you will agree.

Larry Brown-Owner & President

Larry and his father bought the Johnstone store in 1974.  Larry was the store manager and sales person and Willis, his father, worked the counter with his expertise.  Willis retired in 1988, leaving Larry to run the store along with his very competent staff.  Larry has lived in Spokane all his life and has worked in the HVAC field his whole career, collecting practical knowledge along the way.  Larry enjoys gourmet cooking, traveling, and is involved in many charity organizations.  

Jeff Johnson-Inside Sales & Special Order Person

Jeff is the most senior employee still working here, hired in June '81 almost 20 years ago.  Jeff has worked in shipping, warehouseman, parts puller, inside sales, outside sales, counter sales, purchasing and about any thing that needs done at Johnstone.  If he does not know the answer to your question, he knows where to find it.  Jeff enjoys mountain biking, hockey, more mountain biking and now being a father.

Dan Kennedy-Store Manager & Counter Sales

Dan came on in Sept. '81, right after Jeff.  Dan started in the warehouse and has worked about any position you can think of other than outside sales and has a vast knowledge of the Johnstone product offering and can always help you get the job done. As store manager it's his job to keep us all working toward our common goal, SERVICE TO YOU.  Dan enjoys boating, skiing, both water and snow, hockey, and is recently a new father.   

Butch Brandon-Outside Sales

Butch started in June '86 having come from the property maintenance area of expertise.  His diverse background has been of great value to our customers and always has a friendly smile and great attitude to greet you with.  Butch worked the counter for many years before becoming an outside salesman and in doing so has a very good knowledge of our product offering.  Butch enjoys home brewing, hunting, hockey, and is quite the beer connoisseur.

Barb Redinger-Accounts Receivable & System Specialist


Barb came October '86 from Moscow, Idaho and grew in a family that ran a HVAC business.  If you've ever called in to Johnstone, you've probably been greeted by Barb's cheery voice.  Barb does a great job at keeping accounts current and our main computer system up and running in order to better serve you better.  Barb likes softball, biking, and taking care of her new baby boy, Jarred. 

Wayne Dodson-Counter & Commercial Sales


Wayne landed at Johnstone of Spokane in July of 2001 after 20+ years in the industry.  Most of his career had been in the refrigeration end of the spectrum with around 6 years working the heating, ventilating and air conditioning end.  Wayne is looking forward to spending the rest of his working career with us.

Kevin Davey-Outside Sales & Sales Manager

Kevin came on board in April '88 to do outside sales.  He had come from a major HVAC equipment manufacturer wholesaler with an engineering degree ready to tackle the job at hand.  Kevin is a life long resident of the Inland Empire, with a short space of time out of the area, but enjoys the people here in the Inland Northwest.  He has learned a lot in the past years here at Johnstone and continues to contribute to the effort we all have here.  Kevin likes to hunt, fish, motorcycle, golf, and tries to keep up with his three active kids.

Darren Moran-Warranty & Shipping Manager

Darren has been here since January '93.  His work here at Johnstone is invaluable because if he doesn't ship the parts right you are the first one to notice it.  I think you'll agree he does a great job and is mostly under appreciated and overlooked much of the time as to his true value to Johnstone.  Darren enjoys mountain biking, hockey, and in general having a good time.

Charles Kerl-Account Payable & Controller


Charles started in May '93 as the person who pays the bills.  Now, he practically runs the place, takes an order, places equipment orders, tracks shipments, does some cross-referencing, property management, tells everybody what to do and still pays the bills.  He has an accounting and human resources degree but isn't your average accountant.  Charles like to snow ski, golf, bike, tennis, and anything else he can think of to stay active.

Mike Wilhelm-Counter Sales

 Mike came on board in December '93 as our warehouse person.  He worked his way through shipping, took the Master Technician Training classes at the Inland Northwest HVAC Association and graduated to counter sales in the year 2000.  Mike's motto is "I'll help you, so you can get the job done.Mike enjoys snowmobile, golfing, hunting, fishing and some occasional partying.

 Joe Fisk-Warehouseman & Receiving Department

 Joe started in October '99.  He had some previous warehousing experience and has our warehouse looking great.  Joe has a great attitude and outlook on everything.  He is currently taking some classes at the INWHVAC Association to further his knowledge base in this career path he is taking.  Joe likes to mountain bike, outdoor enjoyment, drawing and painting, and loves to work.

Patty Flores-Receptionist & Order Desk

Patty just started with us in December 2000.  So far so good!  Patty is a great addition to our staff here and has a great attitude toward her job.  It's her happy hello you'll usually get when you call in Johnstone to place an order or ask a question.  She's still learning but you'll hardly notice because she caught on so quickly.  Patty enjoys playing her piano and giving piano lessons, bingo, and her grand children.