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Standing Pilot
Direct Replacement Gas Valves
Catalog Page: 454
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  • Ideal for general purpose replacement for pilot ignition systems
  • Available with 24V or millivolt operators (depending on model)
  • Straight through pattern design with or without side taps (depending on model)
  • Valves can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
  • Electrical rating: 24VAC, 60 Hz, or 750mV
  • Regulator adjustment range: 2.5" to 5" W.C., LP gas 7" to 12" W.C.
  • Ambient operating range: -40°F to +175°F

  • Item #Mfg. #VoltsBtuH CapacityOpening StyleInlet Conn.Outlet Conn.Reducer Bushing KitSide Tap
    L37-502 36C03-30024230,000Fast1/2"3/4"YesNo
    L36-983 36C03-33324230,000Fast1/2"3/4"YesYes
    L36-984 36C03-43324280,000Fast3/4"3/4"YesYes
    L36-985 36C03U-333Milli230,000Fast1/2"3/4"YesYes
    L36-986 36C03U-433Milli280,000Fast3/4"3/4"YesYes
    L39-018 36C53-41824280,000Slow3/4"3/4"YesYes
    L39-554 36C03-40024280,000Fast3/4"3/4"YesNo